Tempted by the Bear

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When the polar bear alpha Tristan De Rozier relocates his clan to Maine with his sister, Isabelle, they're determined to take over the kingdom. But Tristan quickly discovers the women they plan to betray, Annie Le Roux is his true mate. Let Annie, Tori, Lucy and Isabelle take you on a journey of passion, betrayal, danger and true mate love.


Book 1

Annie Le Roux - Tristan De Rozier’s so hot he might be the reason his glacier’s melting under his polar bear feet. But he turns mate attraction into a curse when his very presence makes my blood boil in anger. Figures he’s my true mate. 

Isabelle De Rozier – When a polar bear clan lives in fear of extinction it’s easy to make a deal with the devil and move to Maine. Tristan and I didn’t count on discovering the woman that we’ll betray is also his true mate. This changes everything. After a lifetime of Tristan taking care of me, now it’s up to me to take care of business.




Book 2

Annie - Helga DeRozier is mentally unstable. The woman that will soon be my mother-in-law has already been allowed to cause catastrophic damage to the De Rozier clan, but it stops now. I’ll do whatever it takes to save Tristan’s little girls from horrors no child should ever experience. 

Lucy - Sven may have feral tendencies, but that man takes smoking hot to a new level. I think taking a walk on the wild side may be just what I need.




Book 3

Lucy – Just when I thought I had my life all figured out, fate throws a curveball. My true mate, Sven’s twin is a more than a potential brother-in-law, and now I have to determine what to do about it.  

Isabelle – I planed to die, but my destiny is something much greater than I ever imagined. Not only is Jean Luc Ouelette the werebear who saves me, it seems I’m supposed to save him. 





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