heartland Shifters

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Lion Hearts Tiger

Who— What am I?

When Lexi wakes up in a hospital room, she doesn’t even know her own name. But she does know one thing, she’d like the hot guy hovering over her bed to stick around. As she fights to regain her memories, she’s faced with a horrifying truth she doesn’t want—she can shift into a huge lion. And if that’s not enough of a shock, the sexy man who claims to be her mate can turn into a tiger.

Tristan is beside himself with worry over Lexi’s amnesia. The woman he wants to marry doesn’t recognize the love she has for him or the lion inside her. As he helps her heal physically and emotionally he battles with a secret he is afraid to reveal, because when the truth comes out he could lose her again. And this time it could be forever.


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Bunny Hearts Bear



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Wolf Hearts Panther


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Cougar Hearts Wolf



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Cat Hearts Hawk