Bewitched by the bear



Wildest Bear


Clan witch Tally knows she’s fortunate to have married Marcel. Before the alpha of the Ouellette clan allowed it, witch and werebear relationships were strictly forbidden. And now she realizes there may have been a very good reason for the rule. Their toddler twins are shifting in a clan where that doesn’t happen until after puberty. And it’s taking place in a world full of humans who don’t know werebear exist.

While Tally could try to use magic to control her children until they’re old enough to understand the implication of spontaneous shifting, it’s not foolproof. And it’s not a chance she’s willing to take, because the humans who do know werebear exist want them wiped off the planet. Now that Tally and Marcel’s twins are a danger to the clan, Tally must find a way to keep everyone safe. But she fears that because her children are half werebear being a witch might not be enough.




Bear Space


When Bella decides it’s time to settle down and find a long-term relationship, the last thing she needs is hotter-than-hell Cade, one of her clan’s warriors, offering to help. When he suggests he be the one to teach her how to be friends with a man, she knows she should decline. But even though Bella is the clan’s witch, Cade is the one who traps her in his spell. When a life-threatening event shows Bella the truth of her destiny, she’s finally ready to believe. But her alpha isn’t, and Bella has to prove to her clan leader what her heart’s known all along.





Bad Bear


Dawn let the allure of a snow-covered world convince her to leave sunny Florida to step in for her mother as the new Veilleux clan witch, but the harsh reality of sub-zero temperatures in Maine is making her search for a way out. Until she meets Lance, a werebear with a smoldering-hot gaze that makes heat rush all the way to her toes. Suddenly, cuddling up by the fire with him makes her see winter in a new light. When the exit plan Dawn set in motion makes her mother come for a visit, black magic grabs the opportunity to bring back an evil villain, and Dawn has to fight for more than life with her soul mate Lance… she needs to save the clan.




Look What You Made Me Bear


Five years ago, Elise left Maine and the taboo love of her life with a plan to return the next summer. But when she got back to college for her final year, she discovered she’d discovered she returned with more than sweet memories. She was pregnant with a werebear’s children. In a world where werebear are not welcome, Elise learned to use her magic to keep the bear side of her twin girls hidden, but her luck was being tested.

In desperation to keep her children safe she returns to Maine, and her great aunt, the clan’s medicine woman, with the hope of a solution. While Elise is willing to make sacrifices for her girls, one comes at a cost she’s not prepared to pay—telling Ian what she’s done. Seeing the father of her children again makes the strong connection of their love come rushing back, and suddenly she’s paralyzed with fear. Because once he finds out the truth, she may lose him forever.




I Knew Bear Were Trouble


When Nina moves to Maine to be near her best friends, she's determined to overcome the social anxiety that has always plagued her. It feels like a fresh start to open her own business and begin learning to be comfortable in her own skin. But old habits die hard, and Nina’s awkward ways shake her new-found confidence when she meets Seth, a werebear who is so sexy he makes her knees weak. The fact that he seems to find her quirks cute helps to foster their relationship, but Nina soon discovers Seth isn’t letting her see who he really is. The truth about the werebear who is supposed to be her soul mate makes Nina question what she really wants, and it might not be Seth at all.


Coming August 17.




You Bear With Me

Sammy the witch moved to Maine with a plan. She’s going to get her Masters in Education and teach long enough to establish her career before she lets the complications of a soul mate interfere. But when she meets Leo in the most unlikely place, she discovers destiny has played a cruel joke. Not only is it too soon, but Sammy never expected her soul mate to have a job that makes her want to run in the other direction.

Leo’s got a plan too. With his good werebear looks, Leo finds working as an exotic dancer pays well enough to make medical school possible. When he meets Sammy, his strategy has to change because he can’t imagine taking his clothes off for any other woman. What Leo doesn’t expect is for his soul mate to deny their fate. And when he finds out why, he’s not so sure they belong together either. The soul mate connection is powerful for a reason, but it may not be strong enough.