Billionaires in Love

They've got the money, but have they got the heart? The last book of Snow-Kissed Love ended with Megan moving to New York to take on the billion-dollar world of makeup. The story of Bellae continues in Billionaire's in Love with Megan's sister Alex, in The Billionaire's Bad Boy. Catch Diana, their mother and her story in the novella, The Billionaire's Blind Date.


Coming Fall of 2016


The Billionaire's Blind Date

iana Russo thought retiring early from her billion-dollar cosmetics company would give her time to find the love and happiness she’d set aside during the years she’d spent striving to be a corporate giant. But months after she’d handed Bellae off to her daughters, she was lonely … until Charlie Pierce stormed into her life. With a mischievous twinkle in his eye, he swept her off her feet for a whirlwind romance full of adventure.
Charlie Pierce came from humble beginnings before he launched a successful online cooking network that propelled him into a life of luxuries he’d always desired. Unfortunately while his business flourished under his care, finding the kind of woman he wanted to spend his riches with seemed out of his grasp. The country club set of divorcees he encountered were more interested in cocktail parties and redecorating than experiencing the pleasure of sailing on the ocean or finding the best Korean barbeque New York City had to offer. When he discovered Diana, he knew he’d found the woman he wanted. All he had to do was convince her to take the chance.
Diana thought Charlie was the perfect partner. He was attentive to her needs and sensitive to her insecurities, while exposing her to new pleasures in life. She was sure he was the man with whom she’d spend the next phase of her life. But when Charlie reveals a secret he’s kept from her, her perfect world is shattered, and she has to determine if she can forgive the deception.








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The Billionaire's Bad Boy

Alex Donovan got things done, even if it meant bending the rules. As the President of Bellae cosmetics she was determined to make the company she shared with her sister the number one skin care brand for women and men. And when she landed the famous model, Madison Maxwell, for the Natural Girls line, Alex knew she’d gotten what she needed. Madison came with a stipulation, though … Alex must date her smoking hot brother.

Justin Maxwell may have had a luxurious upbringing in one of the premier families of the Hamptons, but after a tragic accident took his parents, he bowed out of the limelight to lead a simpler life. Running a motorcycle repair shop and tinkering his days away was all he thought he wanted. Until he met Alex.

From the very start, sparks flew between Alex and Justin. The two opposites sizzled with sexual chemistry while their individual needs for control were tested. When the relationship blossomed, Alex was determined to do what she knew best – get what she wanted. And that was to have Justin by her side, back in the world of glitz and glamour. But Justin’s reasons for dropping out of society life were much bigger than Alex anticipated, and when she figured that out, her plan had already been set in motion. Can she stop the very thing that could tear Justin from his private life and ruin their chance at love forever?








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